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Self Storage Insurance

If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring

Insurastore.com was formed to provide domestic and business self storage customers with a low cost flexible approach to self storage insurance.

Did you know that many self storage companies do not provide self storage insurance for your household, domestic and commercial goods in their storage facilities?

Many of these companies leave it up to the customer to supply their own insurance and it has become extremely difficult to obtain adequate cover for goods in a self-storage facility or unit through household insurance companies.

Typically, this leaves the customer with no option but to either put their household goods into self storage without adequate insurance or find an alternative facility that provides insurance.

Many of the self storage companies that offer their own self storage insurance tend to be expensive. Insurastore.com offers independent low cost and flexible insurance cover for all of your precious household, domestic and commercial goods.

Our self storage insurance is...


You can amend the sum insured on your self storage policies as your needs and circumstances change.

Easy to use

You can manage your policy entirely through the website, adjusting the period, sum insured and specified items to suit your needs.

Value for money

Our insurance premiums cost from just 29p per week for every £1,000 worth of cover (minimum sum insured £2,000) you require and you only pay for what you need with the right to cancel your cover at any time without notice. (Minimum policy length 28 days).


Our self storage insurance policies are tailored to the needs of self-storage customers, so there's no chance of paying for cover you don't need.


This website encrypts all credit and debit card transactions and your security online is our priority.

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