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Quick Tips For Storing Clothes

Quick Tips For Storing Clothes

As obvious as it may seem, you should always ensure that clothing has been washed and dried prior to packing. If you’re packing away your winter or summer wardrobes, check to ensure that there are no stains and you’ve left nothing in the pockets that may leak and damage your clothing in storage. As well as keeping your clothes smelling fresh, insects are less likely to be attracted to freshly laundered garments.

If you're folding items into a pile, stack garments loosely and keep the heaviest clothing at the bottom. This encourages air circulation and keeps items fresh. Avoid airtight containers if you’re storing your clothes for more than a couple of weeks.

When storing footwear, you should always use cedar shoe trees, especially on more formal or structured shoes. Cedar wood keeps your shoes smelling fresh and the shoe tree will stop creasing, the toes curling and ensure that the shoe retains a comfortable fit after a long period in storage. If you’re unable to use shoe trees, polish and clean the shoes and then stuff the upper with newspaper to help them retain their shape.

By clearly labelling your boxes you can avoid the need to unpack and repack everything, in case you need to access that perfect outfit in an emergency. Keep a running inventory of what you've stored and where. This helps you keep track of what's in storage and makes it easy to find later on, as well as helping you correctly decide on the levels of storage insurance cover you require.