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Importance of self storage insurance for your belongings

Importance of self storage insurance for your belongings

If it’s worth storing, it’s worth insuring.

Whilst your self storage facility will do its best to keep your possessions safe and secure whilst in storage, there are some eventualities that they can’t guarantee to protect you and your belongings against. Self storage insurance covers you from threats such as fire, flooding, and theft.

Is insurance compulsory?

Many self storage facilities require you to have insurance cover when storing your belongings at their facility. Insurastore has over 2,000 storage facilities approved and populated on our quotation process.


What does storage insurance cover? covers you for physical loss of or damage to the Property Covered arising from fire (and/or the additional perils listed below) occurring during the Period of Insurance shown in the Confirmation of Insurance.

The additional perils covered are explosion, lightning, aircraft, earthquake, riot, civil commotion, storm, flood, burst pipes, impact by road vehicles, sprinkler leakage, malicious damage, theft where entry or exit was affected by forcible and violent means and moth, insect, or vermin from a source outside of the Property Covered.


What is under-insurance?

Under-insurance is a common problem when it comes to valuing possessions, stock, or equipment whilst in storage.

Under insurance arises when the value of the goods declared does not correspond to the true replacement value being claimed, which may result in a considerably reduced pay-out.